Moving Smart Scooter Board

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Wheels are a powerful learning tool for speed, distance and control.  Then the Moving Smart Scooter Board adds balance and strength for a full-body/brain work-out!

360° SPIN! Caster wheels provide 360° Turn radius, giving children 100% control over the ride. Spinning fun and maneuverability means the power to get where you want to go in whichever way you want to get there!

SELF-PROPELLED. Low to the ground and fully kid-powered, Moving Smart Scooter Board gives young children a sense of speed and distance – an early precursor to the big kid wheels to come.

CORE STRENGTH. When riding belly-down, Moving Smart Scooter Board challenges children to strengthen their core muscles by keeping their head up and their feet extended.

CREATE AN OBSTACLE COURSE. Develop children’s directionality and maneuverability by creating an obstacle course with materials you have around the gym or classroom.

NON-SKID SURFACE. Soft, carpeted surface for non-skid safety and comfort.

DURABLE, SOLID WOOD CONSTRUCTION with rounded edges and high quality casters for years of rugged, rolling preschool play.

For independent play with supervision. Note: Turn upside down when not in use.

MOVEMENT FOUNDATIONS: Strength • Fitness • Balance • Proprioception

LEARNING FOUNDATIONS: Self-Control • Maneuverability

IMPORTANT: This item is designed for indoor use only. Please store in a dry place. Use of this item outdoors or in wet conditions will void the manufacturers warranty.