Health & Safety Information
Tastech Services Ltd’s equipment is ‘certified’ for use in supervised Early Childhood facilities and schools with weight bearing guidelines to be adhered to.

In order to get the most out of our equipment we suggest you take the time to read these guidelines and refer to the NZ Handbook Supervised Early Childhood Facilities – Playground Equipment and Surfacing Handbook. SNZ HB 5828.2:2006 and the playground equipment and surfacing NZS 5828:2015 Standard.

As our equipment is modular and can be configured in many different ways, it is important to observe some basic rules and common sense to ensure compliance and safe play.

1. Indoors is Best: Do not leave the wooden equipment outdoors overnight or erect on damp or wet surfaces. The wood is not treated so will warp over time if it comes into contact with liquid.

2. Safety Surfacing: Please ensure you have sufficient safety surfacing to accommodate the various combinations of equipment. In ECE you require a minimum of 1.5m of soft fall around any cluster of equipment above 600mm high. Should your set up include a saddle mounted on top of a cube, then safety surfacing is required. (Saddle on top of the Cube).

3. Low activities such as our Cube, Balance Board, Beam, Plank and Body Rocker may be compliantly used on well maintained DRY grass.

4. Please ensure all equipment is set up on a flat stable surface. It is very important that all attachments are installed level and square with the Cubes.

5. When setting up clusters of equipment, pay particular attention to adjacent equipment, with the view of potential trip, fall or entrapment issues (see page 19 of your NZ Handbook).

6. Max User Loads – 12 Year Old Max.
Mass= 41.5kg
Standard Deviation = 7.9kg

Plank – 4 x12 year old users = 192kg
Beam – 4 x12 year old users = 192kg
Ladder – 4 x12 year old users = 192kg
Cube – 1 x 12 year old user = 54.4kg max