Moving Smart Plank

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The Moving Smart Plank builds balance, coordination, and confidence as young children learn there’s more than one way to get from here to there!

MOVE-TO-LEARN SYSTEM. The Moving Smart Plank provides challenging pathways for young children to test their balance and coordination. Anchored securely by the Moving Smart Saddles, our Plank provides on-the-floor, raised, or angled play surfaces for hours of here-to-there-and-back-again fun!

MAKE YOUR OWN SEE-SAW!  Designed to be attached at the midpoint to the Moving Smart High Saddle to create an indoor see-saw for two and a climb up/climb down walking or crawling surface!
WIDE VARIETY OF ACTIVITIES. Add other elements such as bean bags to add to the challenge as part of your PMP or active play time sessions.
ALL WOODEN CONSTRUCTION For years of rugged, preschool play. Rounded edges, for indoor use in gyms or classrooms, the Plank measures 175mm in width, 2400mm in length.

MOVEMENT FOUNDATIONS: Crawling • Walking • Pulling • See-Sawing

LEARNING FOUNDATIONS: Balance • Coordination

IMPORTANT: This item is designed for indoor use only. Please store item in a dry place. Use of this item outdoors or in wet conditions will void the manufacturer’s warranty.