Moving Smart Launch Board

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Homolateral movement (one side of the body still while the other is in motion) helps children develop complex brain pathways essential for learning.

The Launch Board is specifically designed to develop homolateral midline coordination through a fun, ever-challenging one-player game of skill with a great big “pay off!” So just how far can a bean bag fly?

SIMPLE YET SATISFYING The Moving Smart Launch Board appears simple enough, but it is rich in developmental benefits.

Beyond homolateral coordination, the Moving Smart Launch Board also works to develop balance, proprioception, eye/foot coordination and eye/hand coordination.

FOOT-POWER Moving Smart Launch Board can be used for a variety of games that challenge children to use their feet in different ways. For instance, distance games require power and force. Target games require subtle judgment and refined motor control.

ONE-PLAYER CATCH. Once children get the feel of it, the Moving Smart Launch Board can become a fun solo-challenge game of catch! When you do, the play becomes even richer, involving eye/hand coordination, temporal awareness, timing, and distance judgment.

ALL WOODEN CONSTRUCTION for years of rugged, preschool play. For indoor/outdoor use in gyms, the classroom, or the playground, the Moving Smart Launch Board measures 750mm in length.

INCLUDES: One Moving Smart Launch Board. (Bean bag sold separately here.)

MOVEMENT FOUNDATIONS: Standing on One Foot • Stomping • Foot Control

LEARNING FOUNDATIONS: Midline (Homolateral) Development • Balance • Proprioception • Eye/Foot Coordination • Eye/Hand Coordination

IMPORTANT: This item is designed for indoor use only. Please store in a dry place. Use of this item outdoors or in wet conditions will void manufacturers warranty.