Extra High Bed Lever

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Width of board 290mm
Length of board: 800mm
Loop height options: 600mm, 650mm, 700mm

Item Weight:

BLF3 – 600H: 3.80kg
BLF3 – 650H: 3.98kg
BLF3 – 700H: 4.06kg

Weight limit: 150kgs


BLF3 – 600H (Flat Bottom Bed Lever (800mm length) – 600mm Loop)
BLF3 – 650H (Flat Bottom Bed Lever (800mm length) – 650mm Loop)
BLF3 – 700H (Flat Bottom Bed Lever (800mm length) – 700mm Loop)

Click on pdf icon for the Installation Brochure and Assessment Guidelines for this item.

Use this checklist to help decide if a Bed Lever is suitable for the user, compatible with their bed and environment; it can identify potential contradictions and risks but may not cover every situation. Consultation with the user, carer and your Occupational Therapist or health professional is advised.