Dizzy Giddy

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Kids love the Dizzy Giddy because they love to spin! We love the Dizzy Giddy because underneath all that dizzy fun is a powerful developmental tool.  You see, spinning slowly stimulates the vestibular system – the part of the brain that governs our sense of balance.   And when a child masters balance, it helps unlock the ability to sit still, focus, concentrate, and think!  Our Moving Smart Dizzy Giddy includes features that optimize the developmental benefits while making it easier to use…

  • SHALLOW BOWL design creates a slower spin cycle which promotes better vestibular stimulation while promoting core muscle strength
  • HAND GUARDS protect fingers while spinning
  • DURABLE, ONE-PIECE CONSTRUCTION insures years of indoor/outdoor fun!

But most of all, what I love most about the Dizzy Giddy is that it’s 100% KID-POWERED!

Because when kids are in control of the fun, there’s nothing more fun than that!

Dimensions: 950mm diameter by 400mm high

Dizzy Giddy Curriculum https://movingsmart.co.nz/product/dizzy-giddy-curriculum/