Chair/Bed Blocks

Pyramid shaped blocks with rounded edges and corners to raise furniture for better access.

Made from MDF with plywood top for durability and finished a professional lacquer spray. Easily cleaned with household bleach or cleaner.


Round Hole: 90mm x 90mm

Castor Hole: 64mm diameter (suit 50mm wheels)

Square Hole: 77mm x 77mm.

Specifications: Size: 130 x 130mm
Available Heights 50mm – 75mm – 100mm – 150mm

Item Weight (per block): 0.5kg (50mm) – 0.75kg (75mm) – 1kg (100mm) – 1.5kg (150mm)

Weight limit: Maximum 600kgs

Code:   50mm ,  70mm,   100mm,   150mm

Round Hole(80mm diameter):  CB 1,  CB 2,   CB 3,   CB 4

Castor Hole
64mm diameter (suit 50mm wheels): CB 1C,   CB 2C,   CB 3C,   CB 4C

Square Hole
77mm x 77mm:  CB 1s,   CB 2s,   CB 3s,   CB 4s



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